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Automotive / Motorcycle / Recreation / Accessories

What We Do

Superior Craftsmanship

Swanson Hydro Graphics is a water transformation printing service located in Trafalgar, Indiana. We specialize in transforming your car and motorcycle parts and accessories into beautiful works of art. We can dip your valve covers, transmission cases, gas tanks, fenders, and more! Just choose a design; anything from carbon fiber or diamond plate, to camouflage or wood grain prints! If we don’t have your favorite pattern on hand, we can get it! If you’re thinking about customizing your ride, look no further than Swanson Hydro Graphics!

Why We're Different


If it’s not good enough for our car, it’s not good enough. No part will leave the shop until it’s done right.

No Shortcuts

No step in the process gets skipped.

Customers First

We finish each part in a timely manner.


We are honest about our capabilities and never promise more than we can deliver.


We’re about more than making a buck. We would rather take pride in our work and have happy customers.


Our knowledge of cars’ inner workings ensures a higher quality product. Our graphics last wherever they are.


Our customers are people with whom we want to develop long-term relationships, which benefit both parties.


The craftsman is a call away, not hidden behind middlemen.